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Markbygden 1101* is the name of the project Svevind initiated and started back in 2001. A long journey, where Svevind was at the helm the whole time for producing all permits which led to the realization of Europe’s largest wind power project as well as one of the largest industrial projects. In Piteå and Norrbotten’s inland, no less than 1101* wind turbines are emerging which will deliver approx. up to 12 TWh per year. This can be compared with Luleå River’s total production of approx. 14 TWh.

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Are you a landowner and interested in leasing land for wind power?

It is crucial that we take future needs and challenges into account when planning and implementing investments and development projects. It is about having long-term strategic planning that takes into account the need for environmentally and climate-smart solutions, technological development, infrastructure and skills supply.

The local and regional perspective is also very important because many of the practical solutions will be implemented. By involving local actors and collaborating with them, we can ensure that the solutions are adapted to local conditions and that they actually work in practice.

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Svevind produces renewable energy powered by nature.

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Benefits for the local communities

Svevind pays out benefits in the form of village funds which are used to support and develop the villages around Markbygden