Renewable Hydrogen: A Key to a Sustainable Future, Energy Storage, and Leadership in Green Solutions

At Svevind, we are committed to driving Sweden towards climate neutrality by promoting the use of renewable energy and hydrogen. Our goal is not only to create a sustainable future for Sweden but also to position both Sweden and Norrland as leaders in the global pursuit of sustainable technological solutions.
Our latest venture in the field of hydrogen is a first step towards revolutionizing energy storage and contributing to a long-term sustainable energy supply. By producing renewable hydrogen as a key component, we can effectively store excess renewable energy when the supply is high and the demand is low. The stored gas can then be utilized as a sustainable fuel or input in various industrial applications, while naturally stabilizing fluctuations in renewable electricity production.

To gain insight into the steps we are taking to drive hydrogen development forward, read more in our latest press release here.

Renewable hydrogen can replace fossil raw materials and fuels in industry and transportation, serving as a clean source of energy. It is estimated that hydrogen could account for 18 percent of global energy supply by 2050

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles have the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the transportation sector. It is projected that over 10 million hydrogen-powered vehicles could be in operation worldwide by 2030

Hydrogen can be used to rapidly generate electricity when demand for electricity exceeds supply. This conversion takes only a few minutes, providing quick response to variations in energy needs