Europe’s largest land-based wind farm is growing rapidly. Join the journey towards a greener planet too!

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Sweden’s fastest growing energy source.

Wind power is a renewable energy source for which nature creates the conditions. Wind power in operation does not produce any emissions, does not require environmentally hazardous fuel transport and is a long-term sustainable source of energy.

With 12 TWh from wind power per year, you can charge around 200,000 electric cars with a capacity of 50 kWh every day, for a whole year.

Svevind’s large wind power project in Markbygden is estimated to be able to produce up to 12 TWh/year when fully developed. The production would correspond to all of Sweden’s current planning targets for wind power and about 50% of the Energy Agency’s proposed revised planning targets for onshore wind power.

Every kWh produced in Markbygden can replace electricity produced with fossil fuels. The wind power project in Markbygden is estimated to be able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8 million tons per year compared to electricity produced from coal.

Svevind has over 1176 permitted wind turbines, of which approximately 550 are operational and an additional 150 are under construction. With an installed capacity of approximately 3,600 MW, they have the potential to generate up to 13 TWh of sustainable energy.