Urban resources from Markbygden

Rural development funds are a contribution that wind power companies in Svevind pay out and which should function as support for the development of the villages closest to wind farms. The payments are made to established associations which receive an annual amount which is based on the previous year’s production. After that, whoever has an idea can turn to the local association with an application for a grant to develop or improve something that affects the area.

In 2011, four economic associations were formed in Markbygden: Kost Vind Ek. association, Markbygden 2008 Ek. association, Lillpite Älvdals Ek. association and Rokådalens Ek. Association.

In previous years, the associations have received applications and been able to implement projects. So we asked them the question, what has happened since the last time?

Anders Persson from Kost Vind. Ek, the association says this: “We have two application opportunities where you can apply for building funds per year, once in the spring and one in the fall. We conduct member meetings where visions, strategies, activities are to guide our operations. It is about support for, among other things, business activities, close-to-nature tourism, such as the purchase of hatchery fish, construction of rest areas, interest and village associations and broadband connection.

The projects that could be realized during the year are:

  • Storsund’s village association (purchase and construction of barbecue hut)
  • Tällträsk Persberg interest association (arrangement of swimming area in Tällträsket)
  • Åselets village association (bathing area Rudtjärn)
  • Taigan’s småbruk (purchase and construction of greenhouses)

Ingemar Edström says that 7 applications have been received, they also have two application opportunities to apply for development funds per year. A selection of the projects that could be realized for Rokådalens Ek. Association is:

Maintenance of the village farm. Purchase of 2 pcs. defibrillator. Track puller (also village office) Wildlife conservation association money for continued work with bridge over Rokån at Bröstfallet. The application from Sjulnäs Tanning Association was tabled. Awnings for the village farm.


When we asked the question to Bo Engberg who represents Lillpite Älvdals Ek. Association, he answers like this:

“All digging and connection and start-up have been completed and the fiber network works to everyone’s happiness. In addition to this large project, we have contributed to the following:

  • One year’s rent for a newly started art association in the community
  • Vischan grill installation of heat pump
  • Yttersta homebygdsförening Fiber connection
  • So all the money has been used and more!

We can state that a lot happened! A number of projects have been realized, and we look forward to reconnecting at the beginning of next year 2022 and seeing what else has been realized in the villages. We at Svevind are happy about the commitment there is to the development of the villages and are proud to be a small part of it.