• Name:
  • Number of turbines:
  • Installed power:
    24 MW
  • Estimated annual production:
    70 GWh
  • Status:


Markbygden Vind AB applied for and received permission to build and operate 12 wind turbines at Dragaliden in 2008, south of Strömnäs within Piteå municipality. The permit was completed in February and the building permit in March 2008. The company began building the facility in the fall of 2008 and at the end of 2009 the first two wind turbines were put into operation. During the summer of 2010, the remaining 10 works were erected and put into operation in December of the same year.

Dragaliden is a pilot project and has brought a wealth of experience to the large Markbygden 1101 project, including:

• The conditions for installation and operation in cold climates.
• Future training and workforce needs.
• The needs for possible industrial establishments for wind power components.

The pilot plant has given interested parties the opportunity to form their own opinion of the wind turbines’ impact on the environment.