• Name:
    Markbygden – Phase 3
  • Number of turbines:
  • Installed power:
    753 MW
  • Estimated annual production:
    5,5 TWh
  • Status:
    Building phase

Markbygden – Phase 3

Phase 3 is the third and last, but potentially largest stage of the Markbygden 1101 project, located between the villages of Koler and Långträsk in the western parts of Markbygden. Phase 3 is divided into two sub-projects, Hästliden and Önusberget.

In June 2018, the third stage was granted permission for the construction of up to 442 wind turbines, on an area of approximately 150 km2 and with a total effect of 1350 MW.

The Önusberget project was handed over during the summer of 2019, while Hästliden is still under planning, and may amount to 105 wind turbines when finished.

All figures and values (above) regarding the number of turbines, power and estimated production are preliminary and may change during the completion of the project.