• Name:
  • Number of turbines:
  • Installed power:
    29 MW
  • Estimated annual production:
    85 GWh
  • Status:


As a pilot project for the large wind power project in Markbygden, the company has applied for and received permission for a plant with eight plants at Stor-Blåliden north of Långträsk in Piteå municipality. The permit was already granted in 2010 and since then roads, electricity lines and two wind turbines have been built. However, technological development is fast, and today there are significantly larger and more efficient works on the market. The company has therefore applied for permission for works up to 250 m high. The environmental review delegation in Norrbotten County issued a permit in April 2019. The decision became legally binding in June 2020.

The project is fully developed and is partly owned by Svevind.

All figures and values (above) regarding the number of turbines, power and estimated production are preliminary and may change during the completion of the project.