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After initial consultation with the municipality of Storuman and after initial studies of the area’s conditions, the company has found the area interesting for wind power development.

Svevind and Storuman municipality’s wholly-owned subsidiary ILC (Industri- och logistikcentrum AB) have signed a letter of intent to enable a hydrogen production facility at the NLC Storuman terminal where the energy for hydrogen production is to be supplied from wind power planned by Svevind. The intended establishment means that the energy is further refined locally, which is deemed to be able to contribute to a strengthened business life and a broadened labor market within the municipality as well as the green transition in general. Read the press release from the municipality of Storuman here: NLC Storuman terminal invests in hydrogen – Svevind AB

Initial contacts with authorities regarding the wind power expansion have been positive, and during the fall of 2021 wind measurements have been carried out, among other things. The project is now subject to further investigation and inventories, which will continue during 2022. Sweco has been hired to carry out a specific environmental assessment according to the Environmental Code. At present, an early dialogue is ongoing with relevant stakeholders and the formal consultation is planned for autumn 2022. Furthermore, calculations and analyzes will also be carried out. The permit application is estimated to be ready to be sent to the decision-making authority during in the end of 2023.

It is preliminarily estimated that the wind power plant can accommodate up to 167 wind power turbines with a total height of no more than 300 m. As the area is investigated, the number of turbines have changed to 75.

The project area includes both private properties and company land. A significant part of the area consists of Sveaskog’s properties. For questions related specifically to Sveaskog’s land use, please contact Tomas Fransson, company surveyor at Sveaskog, tel: 08-655 90 81, e-mail: Tomas.Fransson@Sveaskog.se

More information about Sveaskog’s guidelines for the establishment of wind power can be found on their website. Read more here..

The permit process includes carrying out a consultation. The consultation gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide opinions regarding the project. After the consultation, the operator draws up an environmental impact statement (EIA) which, together with the application and any investigations, is submitted to the permit authority.

Consultation document 2023

Consultation document 2022